V&A Dundee 2021-22

V&A Dundee 2021-22

A ‘Life of Subversive Joy’ and ‘Come (Sit) Down’ installations at the V&A Dundee. Open now until January 2022.

Close ups of the seats for the seating installation ‘Come (Sit) Down’ also at the V&A Dundee. This piece is a re-imagination of the large bed/bench at Sweet Harmony (Saatchi 2019). Due to covid restrictions the original large bed has to be divided into 6 smaller beds but as soon as restrictions are lifted it will be re-constructed into a large communal bench/bed.

Bed/bench cover design by Scott Duncan.


One of the bed/bench covers designed by Charlie Evaristo-Boyce


Alongside the exhibition Scott Duncan, a local artist and social worker, worked with Vinca on producing a zine which was “An homage to the local Scottish rave scene and beyond”. Two more zines will be produced later on in the year…

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