No System is back!

Including over 200 of Vinca Petersen’s photographs, diary entries and ephemera, No System tells the story of a 10-year journey around Europe in the 1990’s putting on illegal free raves and festivals with other Techno Travellers.

“We are not rebelling against, so much as living outside the system. Free music to anyone that wants it is what we give and we need nothing back but space to roam.

Tribal beats have surrounded our planet for thousands of years. Technology is our addition to this continual rhythm. Age is no concern, background irrelevant. We exist now and in the future. Welcome to our way of living…”

This second edition is a carbon copy of the original published by Steidl in 1999 and is available by pre-order here. All pre-orders come with an A2 POSTER.

Print date – 10th August 2020. £35.00

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